Revealing 2 10 Home Buyers Warranty ReviewAppliances and home systems can last a while without ever needing any repairs. However, there will come a time when they will break down without warning. When this happens, not having a reputable and dependable top rated home warranty policy can cost you. Appliances like refrigerators or household systems such as air conditioning, plumbing or septic, can be very expensive.

At the same time, replacing or repairing them can end up costing a lot of money as well. A vast majority of house owners are now thinking ahead and shielding themselves and their property before this happens. By choosing to act preemptively, those that have a home warranty in place save a lot of money and headaches.

One of the best rated home buyers warranty companies on the market today is 2 10 home warranty. Our team did extensive research about them for this thorough and explosive 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Review. Issues such as their BBB ratings, dependability, complaints, pricing, reviews and plenty of other critical topics have been covered. This review can be used as home warranty advice to help you decide if purchasing it, is worth it or not. By doing this investigative review, we hope to save you the time and research it takes to choose a respectable, dependable and trustworthy home warranty policy vendor.


What Does A Home Warranty Cover?


The first thing you should know about warranty companies for homes is what they cover. It is imperative to know just what your policy will protect and what it will not. Before everything else, there is a huge difference between a home warranty and a home insurance policy. The latter does not cover most of the repairs and replacements the home warranty does. For the most part, the range of the coverage found in your policy will depend on your package or plan you choose.

The average homeowners protection policy usually cover about 10 or more appliances. Major systems such as septic system or pools are usually extras. Your coverage will also vary depending on your state. Some states are not covered by a few home warranty for appliances companies, while others are. Be sure to check for coverage in your area when you request a free quote.


About 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty


2-10 Home Buyers Warranty or 210 Home Warranty, as they are also known, have many years in business. According to the Better Business Bureau site, they have been in the home warranty sector for over 34 years. Over the course of that time, they have serviced millions of homeowners. 2-10 HBW has a large network of contractors and professional service technicians. These service contractors will come to your home once your claim has been filed and accepted. The 210 Home Warranty coverage offers protection for most of your home's appliances and systems.

210 homebuyers warranty reviews and complaints

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Other plans offered by 2-10 Home Warranty are structural warranties for up to 10 years of protection. They also usually have a promo code or coupon code for those looking to sign up to use. These promo codes can be used as discounts. You can find out about them on their site or when you login if you're a client. Their basic plans pricing start around $320 to $600 a year. You can check the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty booklet or brochure on their site for even more info. 210 also has one of the second highest BBB ratings in our review of the top 10 best rated home warranty companies in 2017.


2-10 Home Buyers Warranty BBB Rating


If there is one rating that people will often trust when they are trying to decide on a company or business, it's the company's BBB rating. The reason behind this is because the rating on this site tends to reflect what you can expect from the company in question. In addition, if you want to know about complaints that have been filed against a business, then this is the first place to look. The 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty BBB rating is an impressive A minus.

For a business that has been around for almost 4 decades, the number of complaints filed against 210 home warranty have been very few. In fact we found several other home owners warranty companies in business for many years less than 2-10 Home and with a much higher number of complaints filed against them. They also have a large amount of positive testimonials from previous clients on BBB site as well.

2-10 Home Warranty Reviews


2-10 home warranty promo code infoWhen it came down to checking on the status of reviews found on 210 Home Warranty, the numbers were very impressive. A large amount of websites had thousands of former clients reviews on 2-10 and most were positive. Sites such as, BBB and a few others gave them a 4 out of 5 star rating.

There were a few negative reviews on 2-10 though. Some of those clients complained about the amount of time they had to wait on hold on the phone. Others were also miffed at waiting a few days for the service technicians to show up once their claims went through. In all though, most of the 2-10 Home Warranty reviews we researched were positive and most clients highly recommended them.


2-10 Home Warranty Complaints


Like every company in business, there are bound to be complaints filed against them. When it came time to research on the 2-10 Home Warranty complaints, the statistics were actually very good. Our team of researchers did the math and for the most part, 210 Warranty only averaged about 27.5 complaints a year. That was one of the fewest per year out of any other major home warranty companies we have covered. In all, we have extensively reviewed and researched more than 30. The average number of complaints per year for other similar companies ranged around 55.3 to 88.9 a year. Some had even worse numbers since they were only in business for far less than 2-10 Home Warranty was.

For the most part, complaints centered around clients being kept on hold while waiting to file claims. We also found a few about some of the homeowners not being happy with the contractors sent to do the repairs. The vast majority of complaints filed against 210 home warranty were for waiting time. Some felt that waiting 4 to 6 days for a contractor to check on the claims was too long. In all though, these complaints were on par with what you hear from other companies about wait time. The only difference was the amount of complaints which for 2-10 Warranty, was much less than others.


2 10 Home Warranty Pricing And Dependability


With the price for a 210 Home Buyers Warranty starting around $320 a year, the numbers were about average. That amount is what most of our best homeowners warranty companies cost. The added extras or bigger plans, did drive the price to about $600 per year. But this all depends on the amount of extra coverage you may want or need. They also have a $100. deductible fee for each claim they approve. In all, we found the 2-10 Home Warranty pricing to be good and worth it for such a reputable and established company.

Can you count on 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty?

Using a system of 1 out 10 to rate the dependability factor of a company, we gave 210 HBW an 8. That s pretty impressive since it is the second highest out of all of the best similar homeowner's warranty companies available. Most of their clients had no trouble when searching for their contact number or phone number to reach customer service. The rating was mostly based on claims covered – which was excellent – reviews and claims solved. We also considered a few other factors in our scoring system as well.




There are many different home buyers warranty insurance providers available today. However, we found that 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty was one of the best choices consumers have. Their many years in business, dependability, lack of complaints filed against them and coverage was among the best. In addition, we were also very impressed with their high BBB rating. Lastly, the vast amount of positive reviews from previous clients also proves they are an excellent choice. If you do decide that you need a homeowner's appliance plan, then 2-10 is highly recommended.

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