Allied Home Warranty
is a top home warranty service. The company has been in business since 2004 and offers solutions for homeowners, home buyers, new construction, and realtors. They also have perks for military servicemen/servicewomen as well as first responders.

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars

The Top 5 Pros of Allied Home Warranty

  • 13 years in business
  • Better Business Bureau rating of A+
  • Free add-ons for America’s Heroes
  • Online service request capability
  • Committed partnership with realtors


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Allied Home Warranty’s Coverage


If you are a new homebuyer, Allied Home Warranty protects your investment by keeping the primary mechanical systems of your home in working order. The specialized realtor team at Allied Home Warranty makes it easy for realtors to draw in new sellers by offering a free home warranty.

One of our favorite things about the Allied Home Warranty Company is that they always use new parts when making repairs. Refurbished parts can be a dice roll. Getting new parts gives you peace of mind in knowing that your appliances and mechanical systems will last longer and perform better.

Your Allied Home Warranty covers your air conditioning, heating, and ductwork systems. You can call Allied every spring and fall to have these systems cleaned and inspected.

Allied’s warranty also covers repairs of your plumbing system. They will fix toilets, faucets, plumbing valves, and clear any plumbing blockages or stoppages. In addition to plumbing systems, Allied has expertise in gas and electric water heaters, as well as tank-less water heaters.

If any of your main kitchen appliances malfunction or stop working, Allied Home Warranty will repair them for the cost of a service call. The home warranty covers your oven, stove, dishwasher, built-in microwave oven, garbage disposal and trash compactor.

Add on other appliances and amenities such as second units, pools, spas, septic pump, well pump and more for an additional fee. You can also upgrade your plan to cover things like permits and code violation repairs and leak tests for heating and cooling systems.

As one of the best home warranties in Texas, Allied covers your home electrical systems including your garage door opener.

Your Allied Home Warranty covers normal wear and tear issues on the appliances and systems described above.

This home warranty doesn’t cover natural occurrences like damage from storms, fire, theft, or vandalism, but your home insurance might. For example, if your water heater catches fire due to a faulty part, your home warranty will cover the cost of repairing your water heater, but not any ensuing fire damage to your home.

Your warranty has exclusions and limitations, so review the warranty wording carefully. You need to use one of Allied’s preferred vendors for your warranty to apply. They are not responsible for matching color, brand, or dimensions of units or appliances, but they let you pay the difference for anything your warranty doesn’t cover.


Pricing Information for Allied Home Warranty


Allied Home Warranty offers base plans for homeowners and home buyers. The company also provides a plan for new construction. There is a $60 service fee per claim for each of these three base plans.


Homeowners Base Plan


For a 12-month term, there are three pricing options available:

  • Monthly – $33.95 per month
  • Semi-annual – $199 per 6 months
  • Annual – $395 per year


Homebuyer Base Plan


The Homebuyer base plan does not have monthly or semi-annual pricing plans available. For the 12-month term, the annual cost of this plan is $395.


New Construction Base Plan


The New Construction plan has a 48-month term. The New Construction plan does not have monthly or semi-annual pricing plans available. The annual term cost for this plan is $595.




Numerous add-ons are available for each plan. These add-ons include refrigerators, washers and dryers, standalone icemakers, pool and spa equipment, additional AC heating unit, well pump, and septic pump. The pricing of these add-ons range from $6 to $14 monthly and $65 to $160 annually, depending on which add-ons you choose.

The “Plus 200” add-on covers permits, code violations/requirements and access costs. Plus 200 pays the first $200 of each covered claim and costs $10/mo, $60/6-months, or $120/year.

The “Plus 400” add-on covers leak tests in conjunction with heating/cooling systems, permits, code violations/requirements, and access costs. Plus 400 pays the first $400 of each covered claim and costs $19/$110/$220 on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis respectively.

The “Free Heroes Upgrade” is also available with each of these plans. This upgrade honors all active military, fire, police, and EMS professionals. Through this add-on, Allied offers a $120 upgrade that covers their refrigerator, washer, and dryer for no additional cost.


Potential Drawbacks of Allied Home Warranty


  • Repair vs. Replacement – This company has a tendency to repair parts rather than replace them with new parts.
  • Replacement appliances are not always of like kind/quality – The warranty states that Allied is not responsible for replacing appliances that match brand, color, or dimensions, potentially causing disappointment for customers that expect a brand new replacement appliance with the exact standards as the appliance that needed repairs.
  • Periodically, there is miscommunication between vendor, Allied, and customers – Third-party vendors are sometimes not as willing to offer as much as the client is entitled to under warranty. Allied responds to all complaints and is willing to make adjustments on the final invoice to comply with warranty provisions.


Final Thoughts on Allied Home Warranty


The A+ rating and positive reviews from the BBB are the biggest indicators that Allied Home Warranty is one of the top home warranty companies in Texas. If you are unhappy with the quality of service, Allied Home Warranty holds a favorable reputation for investigating complaints and responding to customers in a timely manner as well as resolving concerns according to the warranty wording.

Allied has designed their plans to meet the needs of home buyers, home sellers, and realtors. Competitive pricing and innovative programs like the Realtor program and the Heroes’ Program set them apart from their competition.