Protecting your home can be a chore. Termites, mold, and faulty appliances can turn your sanctuary into an absolute disaster and can be extremely costly to remove or repair. For many, the cumulative costs associated with owning a home is not only intimidating, but it is also a significant reason as to why they never become a homeowner.

But prospective and existing homeowners should not fear. A quality home warranty will cover nearly all costs associated with appliance failure, saving you time, energy, and money. Many home warranties also cover essential home systems, such as air conditioning, heating systems, and electrical systems.

American Residential Warranty is one of the most popular home warranty providers, and their coverage is available across the United States in over 100 cities. In this comprehensive American Residential Warranty review, we’ll succinctly summarize that most important information about American Residential Warranty home warranties, saving you time and helping you to make a better, informed decision.

What is American Residential Warranty?

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American Residential Warranty is a massive home warranty provider. Their plans are available to homeowners in nearly all fifty states, excluding California, Texas, Virginia, and Iowa. They offer four programs from which to choose, and they also provide two bundle packages for those who are looking for a complete form of coverage.

They offer several different payment plans to customers, including monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. They also tend to provide pricing specials. Currently, they are offering two months free on annual plans, with an additional $30 off the total cost, for online customers only. Their customer service is exceptional, and a representative is available to take your call no matter the time or date. 

American Residential Warranty has partnerships with some of the biggest brands in home improvement, including Lowe's Company, AIG Warranty, GE Appliances & Lighting, and ADT. With such businesses, it is easy to understand why American Residential Warranty is one of the most trusted, popular, and accessible providers of home warranties in the United States.

Purchasing a plan or bundle from American Residential Warranty is easy to do. Customers have the option of creating an account online, or directly calling on the customer service agents to get started.

Four Plans

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American Residential Warranty offers four basic plans from which to choose. The least expensive (and least comprehensive) program is the Kitchen Plus plan, while the most expensive (and most thorough) of the four options is the Platinum Premier plan.

Kitchen Plus

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This plan essentially only covers major appliances that are typically located within the kitchen. These appliances include your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, kitchen exhaust fan, built-in microwave, and water heater. There no additional home system services or coverage provided with this plan. 

Heating & Cooling

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The Heating & Cooling plan covers central air conditioning, central home heating, humidifier, and the internal electrical system of your home. It does not include any other additional forms of coverage or any other services.


American Residential Warranty considers its Platinum plan to be a great value. It provides coverage of both your kitchen appliances and your heating and cooling units. It is invariably a perfect combination of the Kitchen Plus plan, and the Heating & Cooling plan.

Platinum Premier

The priciest plan that American Residential Warranty offers, the Platinum Premier plan covers all the appliances and systems that are covered by the Platinum plan. Besides, it also features coverage for your home's plumbing system, ductwork, ceiling fans, and garage door. One significant appliance that is not covered by any of these plans is the clothes washer and dryer.

Two Bundles

Rather than purchase a single plan that may not offer all the features you are looking for American Residential Warranty recommends investing in a plan bundle. They currently offer two packages from which to choose, a 3-in-1 bundle and a 4-in-1 bundle.

3-in-1 Bundle

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As the name suggests, the 3-in-1 bundle is a combination of three various plans. Included in the 3-in-1 package are the Platinum Premier plan, the Deluxe Advantage coverage, and the Electronics Protection plan.

Necessarily, you can get all the coverage offered by the Platinum Premier plan, plus extra coverage for your faucets, fixtures, and toilets. The Deluxe Advantage coverage also protects you from improper installations, permit violations, and incompatible systems.

The Electronic Protection plan covers flat-screen television, laptops, desktops, tablets, gaming consoles, and more electronic devices. Considering how expensive it is to purchase or replace these items, the addition of such coverage is highly desirable.

4-in-1 Bundle

The most precious bundle or set of plans that you could choose to invest in is the 4-in-1 bundle. It includes the same programs and types of coverage as the 3-in-1 bundle, but with the addition of Water & Sewer Lines coverage.

The Water & Sewer Lines coverage helps lessen the costs associated with blocked sewer lines, excavation, and re-seeding of a lawn. Should you ever encounter massive sewage problems that require professionals to come toil in the yard, you’ll be glad that you’re covered.

Pros and Cons

In this American Residential Warranty review, we’ve explored the types of warranties available, including the bundles. But we have yet to weigh the positive aspects against the negative aspects. 

Comparison is one of the most valuable tools that we, as analytical thinkers, have. Let’s give some thought to both the good and the bad features of the American Residential Warranty plans.


Many plans from which to choose, including two bundles.

Customers can choose to add specific types of coverage to their plan, for an additional cost.

American Residential Warranty plans are available in nearly every state.

The customer service provided by American Residential Warranty is superb.

Customers could save money by opting into a special, as offered by American Residential Warranty.

Various payment plans are available for those wishing to pay month-to-month or annually.


Least expensive plans do not offer much coverage, encouraging customers to only go for the more expensive and more comprehensive plans.

None of the four single plans offer coverage for a washer and dryer.

No plan or bundle offered by American Residential Warranty includes pest control, carpet cleaning, or other valuable services.

The Final Verdict

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This American Residential Warranty review has taken a long hard look at the various plans and services offered by American Residential Warranty. Now we must pass judgment.

American Residential Warranty is famous, financially secure, and partnered with some of the most celebrated and most respected brands in the US. It offers a variety of options from which to choose and allows customers to add various types of coverage to their plans, at an additional cost.

But that's part of the problem with the American Residential Warranty plans. Most of the programs do not cover enough appliances and home systems to make them worth purchasing. The bundles are far more lucrative, but they are also more expensive.

The bottom line is that American Residential Warranty is a decent, reliable company to go with when looked for a home warranty. But there may be a local provider with lower prices and more types of services or coverage, depending on where you live.