blue ribbon home warranty logoA Blue Ribbon Home Warranty is an excellent investment for buyers, sellers, realtors, and homeowners. The company protects their customers from being burdened with expensive repair or replacement costs. Blue Ribbon saves homeowners thousands of dollars each year by ensuring that systems and appliances are covered and receive prompt service whenever a breakdown occurs.

Overall Rating 5 Out of 5 Stars

As an active part of the community, Blue Ribbon Warranty supports over 30 charity’s in the area. 


Why We Like Them:


  • 32 years of service
  • Better Business Bureau rating of A
  • Named one of the top 300 Small Businesses in the West
  • Member of most realtor organizations in Colorado
  • Awarded more than 15 awards from realtor and business associations


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Blue Ribbon Home Warranty’s Coverage


Blue Ribbon Home Warranty sets themselves apart from their competition by being the first to cover roof leaks. When you buy a home warranty with Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, you get competitive coverage and pricing regardless of the age of your home, mechanical systems, or appliances. You can even transfer your home warranty to a new owner if you choose to sell. 


Blue Ribbon offers a pre-inspection for property managers or other landlords to identify pre-existing conditions that prevent later problems and frustration for uncovered pre-existing conditions. When you choose to fix pre-existing issues, you have the opportunity to include them under your new Blue Ribbon Home Warranty.


This home warranty coverage has attractively priced plans for you as the home buyer, home seller, or realtor.  As an added-value service, Realtors have the opportunity to offer a complimentary pre-inspection for their home sellers. Blue Ribbon Home Warranty also offers the complimentary pre-inspection service for homeowners who are not selling their homes. 


Blue Ribbon Home Warranty offers Silver, Gold, Platinum, and New Construction Plans. Let’s take a look at what they cover:


The Silver Plan covers heating, plumbing, ductwork, water heater, electrical, built-in whirlpool tub, sump pump, garage door opener, central vacuum system, doorbell, exhaust fans, garbage disposal, and trash compactor. It also includes your refrigerator, oven/range, dishwasher, and built-in microwave oven. 


The Gold Plan, which is identical to the New Construction Plan, also includes your washer, dryer, and cooling system. 


The Platinum Plan builds on the Gold Plan by adding coverage for a second garage door opener, three additional items of your choice from an additional list, and a maintenance contract. 


Blue Ribbon Home Warranty offers the flexibility to customize their home warranties by adding additional items for variable, small annual fees. You can get the following items covered under your warranty:


  • Sub-Zero Refrigerator
  • Double Oven
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Well
  • Septic Tank
  • Sewage Ejector Pump
  • Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Pool & Hot Tub Combo
  • Roof


Your Blue Ribbon Home Warranty is renewable, and you can even transfer it to new owners of your home when you sell it. 


Pricing Information for Blue Ribbon Home Warranty


When you request a pre-inspection, your Blue Ribbon Home Warranty technician will review with you which issues and appliances need repair before the company will cover them under your home warranty. Blue Ribbon Home Warranty charges $75 for the pre-inspection, which they are happy to apply to your annual fee. Your annual fee extends for 14 full months of home warranty service. 


Single family home plans range between $345 and $695. You can save more than $100 by contracting for a two-year plan. If you are a condo or town home owner, your annual cost starts at $295.  


Blue Ribbon Home Warranty lets owners of newly constructed properties buy contracts with four or ten years’ warranty coverage. 


Spring and fall are good times to request a preventative maintenance check and cleaning of your heating and cooling systems. Blue Ribbon Home Warranty will schedule time preventative maintenance any time of year for a $50 fee. 


Potential Drawbacks of Blue Ribbon Home Warranty


  • Blue Ribbon Home Warranty reserves the sole right to repair or replace a piece of equipment or appliance to correct a malfunction. Customers may be disappointed when it costs only slightly less to repair than replace an item, especially when the item has outlived its useful life. 


  • While the home warranty is not an insurance contract, much of the language reads like one.  All plans of the home warranty begin with a basic wording, which is modified by conditions and exclusions. Being unfamiliar with contractual language leaves some uncertainty amongst customers thinking that the company should cover certain items or services when they are limited or excluded. 


  • Certain equipment, particularly appliances, have a one-year warranty on labor and a 10-year warranty on parts. While this sounds wonderful in theory, creates a problem when the customer calls for a repair to find that the home warranty company can’t respond to the call because they can’t cover the part and the labor on parts that are under warranty by the manufacturer. 


Final Thoughts on Blue Ribbon Home Warranty 


Blue Ribbon Home Warranty proves its commitment to personalized customer service with knowledgeable representatives there to inform and guide you. With decades of service in the home warranty field, you can expect your home to be repaired and serviced by qualified repair technicians.


Blue Ribbon’s New Construction Plan and multiple pricing plans give you the flexibility to customize your warranty, whether your home is new or old.  Blue Ribbon is an award-winning home warranty company with an A rating from BBB, which makes it a top home warranty company in Colorado.