buyers protection group logoBuyers Protection Group Home Warranty, better known as BPG Home Warranty, is a recognized leader in home warranty service and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. BPG Home Warranty has recently undergone some managerial changes. Fidelity National Financial, Inc. acquired BPG Holdings, LLC, which includes BPG Home Warranty, in 2015.


Overall Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Stars


HISCO Home Warranty was also part of this acquisition. As part of the new changes, BPG will be offering some of the best home warranty service plans through CRES Home Warranty Plans. 


BPG Home Warranty is a member of the National Home Service Contract Association under the umbrella of Fidelity National Financial, which ranks as one of the nation's largest warranty providers.


The Top 5 Pros of BPG Home Warranty


  • 28 years in business
  • Better Business Bureau rating of A+
  • Extended Advice Program
  • Member of NSCA 
  • No fees unless they perform a repair or replacement


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BPG Home Warranty’s Coverage


The BPG Home Warranty Plans are comprehensive and cover costs to repair or replace the major mechanical systems in your home. The plan covers your heating, cooling, and electrical systems from normal wear and tear.


The Standard Plan covers your smoke detectors, central vacuum systems, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, garage door opener, plumbing, water heater, toilets, bathtub whirlpool, sump pump, hot water dispenser, dishwasher, garbage disposal, trash compactor, range, and built-in microwave oven.


The Preferred Plan covers a limited amount for building code upgrades, air conditioning refrigerant, window air conditioners, faucets, shower heads, and other items. 


The Standard and Preferred Plans include the Trade Call Fee Guarantee, where you won’t be charged a service fee unless the company makes a repair or replacement. Both plans also come with the Extended Advice program that gives you personalized support with direct access to BPG’s inspection professionals. 


One of the things that set BPG Home Warranty apart from the competition is giving you the opportunity to add some unique options. Your technician will provide you with advice about structural systems in your home, green appliance and system replacements, and professional grade kitchen options.


All plans also guarantee that your rates will not increase at the time of your renewal. 


BPG offers benefits for home sellers and Realtors. The Seller’s Protection Plan gives home sellers errors and omissions insurance coverage for up to $50,000 in addition to their home warranty plan. Realtors also get the benefit of getting the E & O Deductible Reduction Plan, which lets you reduce your E & O deductible by $5,000 if you get sued in a lawsuit on a covered claim. 


Making note of the differences between the plans is important. The following items are covered for buyers under BPG’s Preferred Plan but are not included under the Standard Plan:


  • Appliances – Trim kits, racks, rollers, baskets, interior linings, clocks, rotisseries, handles, knobs, buckets, lock & key assemblies, self-cleaning mechanisms, and shelves
  • Registers, grills, built-in heat lamps
  • Faucets, hose-bibs, showerheads
  • Toilet replacement (similar quality)
  • Ceiling fan replacement (similar quality)
  • Garage door opener – springs, remote transmitters, hinges
  • Air conditioning refrigerant recapture, window units
  • Removal of defective equipment
  • Mismatched units, improper installation
  • $500 towards code upgrades
  • $250 towards building permits


Numerous coverage options are also offered for buyers. These options include:


  • Renewal rate guarantee
  • Roof coverage
  • Modification/relocation option
  • Swimming pool/spa equipment
  • Additional swimming pool/spa
  • Salt water swimming pool equipment
  • Termite treatment (Texas residents only)
  • Professional grade kitchen
  • Clothes washer/dryer
  • Kitchen refrigerator
  • Washer/dryer/refrigerator
  • Wet bar or wine refrigerator
  • Free standing icemaker
  • Well-pump system coverage
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Septic system/sewage ejector pump
  • Extended pipe leak
  • Green option
  • Investor option


Pricing Information for BPG Home Warranty 


What BPG Home Warranty lacks in the variety of coverage plans, they make up for in their multiple-tiered pricing plans. BPG offers two types of plans which are a Standard Plan and a Preferred Plan.


For a single family home, plans range from $375 for the Standard Plan and $475 for the Preferred Plan. If you own a condo or mobile home, rates are $340 under the Standard Plan and $410 under the Preferred Plan.


There is no charge for the Standard Seller’s Plan. A Seller’s Plan with heating and cooling is $50


There are New Construction Plans offered under both the Standard and Preferred Plans. For years 1-5 of a single family home, the prices are $595 under the Standard Plan and $675 under the Preferred Plan. For years 1-5 of a condo or mobile home, the prices are $550 and $630 for the Standard and Preferred Plans respectively.


There is a $60 trade call fee for the BPG Home Warranty Plans.


BPG also offers plans for duplex, triplex, and fourplex units. The prices for these plans range from $650-$1200 under their Standard plan and $770-$1320 under the Preferred Plan.


BPG Home Warranty waives the fee for their service call if for some reason they don’t make a repair. BPG also offers first time home buyers a reduction of the service call fee at $30 per call. 


Potential Drawbacks of BPG Home Warranty


  • Long wait times for service – Service technicians are not available in all areas or have long wait times, particularly after regular business hours. This may be attributed to recent changes in management and may improve as the companies align. 
  • Calls answered by an answering service – Call center representatives are not familiar with home warranty services, making customers frustrated.
  • Customer satisfaction inconsistent across regions – Some of the coverage areas have excellent warranty repair service, while others report poor service. Customer service may improve with the backing of Fidelity National Financial. 


Final Thoughts on BPG Home Warranty


BPG Home Warranty has a strong history of good service. Since the acquisition by Fidelity National Financial, the future outlook may be even better. BPG Home Warranty keeps pace with their competitors with regard to their plan offerings.


The variety of pricing plans helps to make them one of the best home warranty companies. The small service call fee of $30 is sure to attract new home buyers. Existing homeowners appreciate not receiving an invoice when they don’t get a repair.