First American home buyers protection reviewsHomeowners looking to protect their appliances and systems are taking full advantage of what top rated home warranty companies have to offer. One of those companies they are turning to is First American Home Warranty. But, when it comes to their pricing, coverage, complaints, dependability and many other issues, questions remain. This extensive First American Home Warranty review goes over all of those concerns and countless others.

Home Warranty Insurance Cost

While having a homeowners insurance is good, it does not typically cover mechanical failures that are caused by normal wear and tear. Having a home warranty can bridge this gap and give homeowners peace of mind.

One of the first things people often ask when it comes to home appliance cover is how much does home warranty insurance cost. Many are also concerned about whether or not the home warranty is even worth the money or purchasing. These are just some of the many concerns people looking to purchase a warranty for appliances or home system want the answers to. First, when it comes to home warranty policy pricing, the amount varies due to several factors. For one, it all depends on the company you choose. The average price for whole house warranty coverage begins at an affordable rate and goes up to $600 plus a year. Other reasons that can make the home warranty insurance prices change are the state or area you live in. That’s because in some states you may actually pay less for coverage than in others.

The amount of coverage – or items you wish to cover – in your plan will also affect the outcome of the pricing. In most cases, the average amount of appliances or items covered under homeowner's warranty are around 10. In addition, complex or large systems such as septic tank pumping, pool or spa, and others cost extra. It is hard to know exactly what will be covered since it changes depending on your zip code or state. Most home buyers protection insurance companies also have different packages. The higher the package, the more it will cover. Just be sure to read your contract first so that you can know exactly what is under warranty when it is time for you to file a claim.

About First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty has been in the homeowner’s warranty business for more than 30 years. They offer their clients comprehensive plans that are both affordable and practical. As it stands now, the home warranty company has well over 450,000 clients spread out all over the USA, and as of 2015, they have spent a lot on repairs and replacements. Also, they have three major offices located in the US. One of them is located in Utah and another in Texas. Their main office – according to the Better Business Bureau – is located in Canoga Park, California.

All about First American home buyers protection

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First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation (as they are also named) has a BBB rating of B. There have been a number of complaints filed against the company throughout their 33 years in business. We will cover these complaints in the next section.

First American Home Warranty Coverage

When it comes to actual coverage, they have several different packages that they offer. The packages they offer help people protect their appliances from unforeseen problems, damages or repairs. These are covered under normal wear and tear. Their basic contract package covers the repair or replacement of most of the homeowner’s appliances and system.

What does First American Home Warranty cover?

Coverage varies by region, and whether your house was involved in a real estate transaction. There is a different coverage for home buyers or sellers, and a different coverage for homeowners not involved in real estate transactions. The Basic plan typically includes coverage of many appliances. Here are some of the things that are covered under their Basic contract plan:

Here are some of the things that are covered under their Basic contract plan:

  • Attic and Exhaust Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Central Vacuum System
  • Circulating Pumps
  • Dishwasher
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Heating
  • Instant Hot Water Dispenser
  • Microwave Oven (Built-in only)
  • Oven/Range/Cooktop
  • Plumbing
  • Plumbing Stoppages (+)
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Toilet Tanks and Bowls
  • Trash Compactor
  • Water Heater
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Sump Pumps
  • Kitchen Refrigerator

While the Optional plan includes coverage for pool/spas, refrigerators, air conditioning, and more. Checking their brochure will let you know exactly what may be covered in your area. Users can create an account and login to find out any questions about coverage or plans available. You can also call their the First American Home Warranty phone number for additional info on plans and packages. Others, choose to contact them via a service request as well. To request for service, you may contact the First American Home Warranty customer service to schedule an appointment with a service contractor. A technician will diagnose and repair or replace the item covered under the warranty. When your contractor visits your home, you will pay a service call fee depending on what plan you have.

First American Home Warranty BBB Rating

When it comes to how dependable, trustworthy and honest a company is, most people rely on past reviews and complaints filed against the company. The number of reviews and complaints serves to give people an idea of what to expect from the company and what they are all about. One of the best sites to find complaints and reviews – either negative or positive – about a company is at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). According to the Better Business Bureau, First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation has a BBB rating of B. Because they are also known as First American Home Warranty, some people often get confused. But the First American Home Warranty BBB rating is for both companies – First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation – is just a different name they use.

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While the BBB rating for First American is only a B, it is still considered very good. This is largely due to the fact that the company has been around for more than 3 decades. According to BBB statistics, First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation has had 2,694 complaints filed against them. Based on our research, that amounts to about 81.6 complaints a year. That is not that high for a home warranty company with millions of clients.

First American Home Buyers Reviews

Our team of researchers found a ton of reviews filed by former and current customers of First American. During our investigative reporting, we were actually quite impressed by the overall score they received. According to sites such as BBB,, and a few others, the status of the First American Home Buyers reviews were mostly positive. actually had them at 4.0 stars out of 5. BBB had them at around 3 starts in total.

The only site we found that had a larger number of negative reviews against First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation was Yelp. However, the address found on Yelp did not match the one on BBB and other sites. In addition, Yelp is a site that doesn't require users filing complaints or reviews to actually prove that they were actual clients. Because of that, it is very easy for just about anyone with online access to file bogus and fake reviews against any company on the site. Those are just some of the reasons why we won't take Yelp's First American Home Warranty reviews into consideration. Nonetheless, based on our research, the vast majority of reviews for First American were very positive. Overall, we gave them a 4.1 score out of a total of 5.

First American Home Warranty Complaints

As far as the as the complaints filed against First American Home Warranty, the info we found was as follows. The negative complaints from clients were mostly due to the quality of service providers the company used. Some complained about the repairs made by the independent contractors for taking too long to be corrected. Other customers also felt that they were not done right or that the parts used were not the best available.

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Another issue we found to be a cause of complaints filed against First American were about some of the claims not being covered. But time and time again this is what happens with most home warranty companies. The reason for this is because many homeowners believe certain items to be covered in their house warranty insurance policy. However, once the claim is initiated, they sometimes find that the item in question is not covered. This is why we recommend that you read and ask questions first about your policy and what is covered. Doing so will give you a better idea of what to expect before the need to file a claim arises.

First American Home Warranty Dependability And Pricing

When it came to prices, the average amount for First American was actually very good compared to other top rated home warranty companies on the market. In fact, First American Home Warranty prices were among the lowest on our top ten list. Their initial plans begin at $290 a year. They go up as high as $470 a year once you add extras though. They also have the first class upgrade package with even more coverage. In addition, there is a minimal service fee each time you request a service. Overall, when it came to homeowners warranty cost, First American is among the best.

An important issue for people trying to decide on home buyers protection policy is the dependability of the company. Our investigation found that the dependability factor for First American was very impressive. Using a scoring of 1 out 10, they garnished a formidable 7. That score is among the third best in our top ten home warranty review guide. One of the things which brought down their score was due to complaints against the contractors. This included the amount of time they took to answer the claim or claims filed and covered by First American Corp. We also took into account that they only cover 38 states in all. In the end, they are very dependable and highly recommended by their clients.

Final Review of First American Home Warranty

Can you depend on First American Home Warranty?

One of the reasons First American did not score much better in our overall review was due to the lack of coverage they offered. Since they only cover about 38 states in total, the chances are that your state might not be included in the list. Still, when compared side by side with other similar home warranty companies in the U.S., they scored pretty well. This is why we consider First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation, one of the best home warranty companies around. If you are lucky enough to be in one of the 38 states they cover, we recommend you use them.

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