Home maintenance is one of those pieces in life that we often feel will come naturally to us when the time is right. But the truth is that most experienced homeowners don't have a clue on how to schedule a maintenance routine. New homeowners usually struggle to find out what is maintenance and what is a repair.

We have everything covered here from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if you bought your home last week, or a decade ago there isn’t a better time to start working on maintaining your home.

Risks of Home Maintenance

Doing it yourself has a lot of risks when it comes to home maintenance. People injure themselves by painting, and accidents happen while cleaning gutter drains. Always exercise caution and stay as safe as possible.

Physical risks aren't at the forefront of everyone's mind when they start maintaining their home. Most people worry about the risk of causing damage to their home. Some people worry about the financial risk. But, don't forget that any work done around the house has the chance of ending in frustration, or worse, a trip to the Emergency Room.

Risking Money

Risking Damage to Your Home


When people initially think of home maintenance they usually think of the major repairs. People will place items like fixing the roof or repairing a crack in the walkway on their home maintenance list.

But, these repairs aren't necessarily maintenance. Maintenance would be cleaning the roof once a year to prevent roof damage. Many small jobs contribute to home maintenance that you don't need a repair professional to do. You can cross these items off on your list without help from the pros.

Homeowner Maintenance List

When you're starting your maintenance schedule, look at the things you can do monthly. Even if you only get a small portion of this list completed each month, you'll do a lot of maintenance throughout the year. It's more important to do the things you can than to worry about the things you can't.





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The Cost of Home Maintenance

There is a lot of debate about how much you should put aside for home maintenance. The most common argument is that it should be about 1% of your home’s worth. So, if you have a $400,000 home, you should budget for $4,000 in maintenance annually.

A lot of people are surprised by this number and imagine that $4,000 is a lot to budget for maintenance, and repairs aren’t included in this figure. But, when you consider that you’re paying for:

  • Roof cleaner
  • Air conditioning filter replacements
  • Plant removal
  • Silicon/caulk
  • Screens
  • Water softener
  • And more

A few thousand dollars a year doesn’t seem so bad. You’re getting a lot for your money, but even better you’re saving a lot of money. A good maintenance schedule will never leave you feeling broke. But, if you remember that you didn’t upkeep your house all year, and decide to do everything in January, a few thousand dollars seems like a lot to invest back into your home.

But, the 1% rule isn't the only factor to consider when you're scheduling home maintenance. Also, consider the age of your home. Certain home ages need some attention. Even with well-maintained floors, you need to replace carpet every 7 years or so. If your home is 30 years old, don’t be surprised if you need a new roof.

Weather is another factor. Home in high winds often experiences a lot more external damage than other homes. If you live in a humid environment, then the homeowner should regularly schedule pest inspections and spraying. Always consider your immediate environment. You're the only line of defense for your home.

It’s Not as Bad as It Seems

Homeowners will avoid maintenance until their home is in such a state of disrepair they feel better selling it than paying someone to fix up the house again. Don’t let your home get to that point. Watch for opportunities to make minor repairs and maintain a beautiful home. Make a home maintenance schedule that fits you.