Home Warranties of America reviewWhen it comes to finding the right homeowner's warranty coverage, it is very important to find out all there is to know about whatever company you select. This Home Warranty of America reviews will help answer any questions or concerns you may have about them. We will cover their pricing, BBB rating, complaints filed against them, positive and negative reviews and their dependability as well. Our researchers spend a substantial amount of time doing investigations on these homeowners warranty insurance companies, so you don’t have to. This way, we can let you know which are the worst and which are the best home warranty providers on the market today.

Is There A Need To Purchase Home Warranty Insurance?

Most people often hesitate when it comes to purchasing certain goods or services. That's because they want to make sure that what they are spending their money on, it's actually worth it. This is very understandable and is a concern raised by many seeking to purchase home appliance insurance. One of the most asked questions we receive from our readers is are home warranties worth it?

In truth, there are some who may feel that they are not. However, there also millions of Americans who have home warranty policies in place who swear otherwise. The reality is that there will always be those who are pro and those that are against certain things in life. One of the ways we help you make that determination better is by pointing out the simple facts. We offer the pros and cons to having home warranties in most of our reviews for that same reason. Below are some of the pros and cons you should consider.

Home Warranty Pros

Some of the most important pros to purchasing home appliance warranty services are the big savings you can have on common maintenance. Since most basic warranty plans will cover your major home appliances, you can save on costly repairs. In many cases, repairing an appliance can end costing a lot more than the price for a year's worth of coverage. If you have to replace the appliance in question, then the cost will be even higher.

Home Warranty Pros and Cons

Another pro is that you only have to pay a flat deductible fee for every claim you make and have covered. Once you file a claim and it is approved, the home warranty company will send a service technician to take care of your problem. You only end up paying the deductible fee once the claim has been taken care of. Many of those who purchase extended appliance warranty tend to have a greater peace of mind. That's because they know that if anything which is under the policy breaks down, it will be covered. There have been many cases where homeowners ended up going into debt. This happens after some major systems in their homes broke down or needed repairs. Major homes systems often cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

In addition to these pros, you also have the possibility of covering other items in your home. Major systems which can be very costly to repair can be added to the policy for a few dollars a month more. You can also end up getting the coverage for free the first year if the person you buy the house from sells you the home with a policy in place already.

Home Warranty Cons

A few of the most common home warranty cons we hear about are that you are not allowed to choose your own service technicians. The warranty companies all have a network of service providers they will send to you. Plus, you have to adhere to their repair schedule most of the time. Another con people often gripe about when it comes to home warranty is the lack of coverage they may get. Some companies don't cover appliances or systems which are old or have preexisting conditions. That means that older appliances will not be part of the policy if something happens to them.

It is always important to check your contract for details regarding your plan or call customer service. You also have some home appliance warranty plans that charge you extra for certain items. Adding an additional appliance – such as second washing machine or refrigerator – may not be included unless you pay extra. This all depends on the plan and package you choose of course. There are also special items such as pools/spa or septic systems that require you to pay extra to include them in your policy. Home Warranty of America Customer Service will be happy to send you a copy of your contract.

About Home Warranty of America

Home Warranty of America or HWA as they are also known has been in business since 1996. That means that they are not new to the home extended warranty business. Their main offices are located in Lincolnshire, IL. They offer several different kinds of warranty plans such as home sellers warranty, real estate, home protection plans, and appliance warranty. Their comprehensive plans will shield and protect homeowners from any major repairs on their appliances or systems. Home Warranty of America has a BBB rating of B which is respectable, but not the best out there.

Home warranty of America reviews

Home Warranty of America Inc. has a large network of certified and qualified professional technicians. They have a premier and a premier plus plan package available. In addition, you can purchase optional coverage on other major systems as well.

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The Home Warranty of America prices start at an affordable price a year and go up. You can use a Home Warranty of America promo code to save some money on the plans though. They charge a cheap deductible for each claim you have covered.  And they offer nationwide coverage which is very good since many home appliances service providers do not.

Home Warranty of America Coverage

Depending on the plan you have chosen and the state you are from, coverage varies. There are 3 different Home Warranty of America Plans. The Home Warranty of America Diamond Plan offers coverage on everything the company has to offer to customers, while the Platinum Plan offers everything the Diamond Plan offers except the OrangePlus (which includes removal of defective equipment, code violations, and coverage of improperly matched and/or installed systems). The Gold Plan offers the least coverage among the three, but still covers the majority of your home’s major appliances and systems.

Home Warranty of America BBB Rating

One of the things which allows people to get an idea of what to expect from a company is their Better Business Bureau rating. For one, the site is a place to find out whether or not a business is accredited and how many years they been in business. Plus, people who are interested in choosing a company can find out about any reviews and complaints filed against them. When it came down to Home Warranty of America's BBB rating, we found it to be a B. That is good for a company that has been around for more than 2 decades. At the same time though, there are other top 10 home warranty companies which we have covered here that have a higher BBB rating; including two with A+ BBB ratings.

HWA - Home Warranties of America BBB Rating

One of the things their B rating tells us about HWA Home Warranty is the amount of reviews and complaints filed against them. There were a total of 960 complaints filed against Home Warranty of America. That amounted to about 45.7 complaints a year which is very good and lower than other insurance for home repairs companies. They also had about 156 reviews or testimonials in total filed at the site. We will cover both their complaints and reviews on the sections below. While Home Warranty of America BBB rating of B is not that high, it is still good and above average.

Home Warranty of America Reviews

When it came down to the Home Warranty of America reviews, there were some good numbers for them. However, this all predicated on which site you visit or trust the most. In sites such as Consumeraffairs.com, HWA Home Warranty score was a little over average on their number of positive reviews. They garnished an overall satisfaction rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. Other sites had them around 4.1 and 4.0 stars as well. But when it came down to the reviews number on the BBB site, their score was a bit lower. Home Warranty of America only managed to score 2.85 stars out of a possible 5 on the Better Business Bureau site.

Some of the negative reviews we found against them centered on the experience they had with HWA's service technicians. Some expressed that the service contractor took too long or did not know what they were doing in some cases. Other negative reviews were about certain claims not being covered or taking too long to resolve. In all, the number of reviews for Home Warranty of America were average at best.

Home Warranty of America Complaints

Like all companies who are in business, there will be a certain amount of complaints filed against them as time goes by. When it came down to the Home Warranty of America complaints, the results were not that bad for them. As we stated earlier, based on our investigation, the average number of complaints countering them were low. There are a few top rated home warranty companies that have an even lower yearly average of complaints though. At the same time, some have a much higher yearly amount as well. Lastly, the complaints against Home Warranty of America have been on file since 1999.

The vast majority of complaints filed against Home Warranty were due to problems with service or product. Others were on warranty coverage – or lack thereof – and time it took to resolve the claims. As we stated earlier, some of the complaints were aimed at the contractors. Others, as it is often the case with most major home warranty companies, were about lack of coverage once claims were filed.

Home Warranty of America Pricing and Dependability

The average prices for most top rated home warranty companies around $280 to $400 a year. But when it came to the Home Warranty of America pricing, their plans were a bit higher. Their premier plan starts at $280 a year which is on par with most of the other similar homebuyers warranty businesses. The plan does cover quite a few items such as the air conditioning, electrical and plumbing system, ceiling and exhaust fans, dishwasher, garbage disposal and several others. If a covered item breaks down, you only pay a small service fee.

Home Warranty pricing and cost

Once you move to the premier plan though, the prices jump to almost $700 a month. That is very high compared to other companies with better ratings than them. You may be able to use a preferred or Home Warranty of America promo code to save some cash on the plan you select.

As far as the dependability of Home Warranty of America is concerned, the numbers were below a few others we reviewed. Their totals took a hit based on the amount of time it took for their service technicians to answer and resolve claims. As we stated before, a few sites had more positive reviews than others. However, when the total scored from all sites were accumulated, their score was only a 6 out of a possible 10.

Final Review of Home Warranty of America 

While Home Warranty of America has a lot of coverage on both their premier and premier plus plans, their prices were a bit higher than others; especially on the latter package. They also had a subpar score when it came to reviews garnishing only 3.9 stars. In addition, their dependability was not something you would expect from a company that has been around for so long.

Home Warranties of America does have a few good things going for them though. They do cover more areas than other companies. They also have a large network of service technicians, great coverage and a respectable BBB rating of B. But in the end, there are a few other home service warranty businesses out there which are rated higher in several key factors. That means we would not recommend Home Warranty of America as your first choice.

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