All about HSA Home Warranty ReviewsIf you're a homeowner, chances are that you may be shopping around for home appliance insurance. One of the companies that provides this service to homeowners is HSA Home Warranty. But are they worth the money and can they be trusted?

This full investigative HSA Home Warranty Review goes over those issues. In addition, concerns about the complaints filed against HSA, negative reviews, their pricing and dependability are also covered. Plus, we also go over in full detail HSA Home Warranty BBB rating.

Do Homeowners Really Need Home Warranty?

One of the first questions you will often hear from homeowners is whether or not they really need home warranty coverage. That's because some people tend to wait until something bad happens before acting on it. This is in the same manner that certain folks wait until their house is burglarized before adding a home security system. Home warranty policies can easily be compared to that scenario. Because home buyers protection plans are preemptive, a few will hesitate to want to purchase it. Some also think that since their home appliances are new or fairly new, that they will not break or need repairs.

hsa home warranty reviews

The problem is that when and if an appliance does break, the cost of calling a service technician will be quite high. In some cases, the fees may amount to about the same as having a full year's worth of home protection services. Worse than that, if the appliances cannot be repaired, and needs to be replaced altogether, the expenses will be even higher. But the real reason for using the preemptive tactic that comes with home warranties is the major home systems.


Over and over again we have covered the many pros and cons of home protection plans. Major home system coverage is one of the most important pros to having it. The reason for that is because when and if major home systems break down or need repairs, the costs can be quite substantial. In fact, numerous homeowners have gone into debt after experiencing a major home system problem. This is one of biggest factors in our team recommending the purchase of home appliance and major system coverage.

About HSA Home Warranty

HSA Home Warranty offers homeowner contractors, service providers and real estate professionals policies that can cover what they need in a contract. They have been in the home appliance coverage business for more than 32 years. HSA also has a large network of service technicians on standby in case you file an HSA warranty claim. HSA’s headquarters are located in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. The company’s comprehensive home warranty plans vary depending on your state and needs.

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What does HSA Home Warranty Cover?

This home repair insurance help to safeguard both sellers and buyers as well. If the need to file a claim rises, any appliance or major system mechanical failures are covered. For full details on exactly what HSA covers, you can check the HSA Home Warranty brochure. According to their site, their basic plans cover basics such as electrical systems and garage door opener. They also have a stove, oven, water heater, air conditioner and other appliances that are covered. But for major systems such as hot tubs, swimming pools, and septic systems, the HSA Home Warranty coverage is extra. HSA has a silver upgrade package. They even have an HSA Home Warranty 7 star upgrade package plan.

HSA Home Warranty BBB Rating

One of the first things any consumer who wants to know how the best Rated Home Warranty Companies are ranked, is to check their BBB Rating. The Better Business Bureau ratings will let them know several important issues. You can find out how long the company has been in business. You can also find out if they are an accredited business. But most importantly, you can see if there are any major complaints filed against the company; and even how many of them and with what frequency. Lastly, any pending lawsuits or class actions suits are reported on the BBB website.

hsa home warranty reviews

HSA Home Warranty BBB rating is a B. That is considered average and good; especially for a company that has been providing home warranty policies for over 3 decades. When it came down to the number of complaints filed against HSA Home Warranty, their overall totals were a bit below average. We will go over their complaints in full detail in a separate section below.

HSA Home Warranty Reviews

Another piece of information which lets consumers have a glimpse of what to expect from a business is the reviews they find about the company. HSA Home Warranty reviews were mostly positive. However, compared to several other top rated home warranty companies we have reviewed here, they scored much lower. Some of the negative reviews found on HSA were about taking too long to answer claims filed. Others also had issues with some of their service technicians.

According to sites such as ConsumerAffairs, HSA only had one star out a possible 5. That is about as low as we have seen for any major home appliance coverage business rated on that site. We must add that this web page does offer companies a better standing if they participate in their accreditation program. HSA does not, at the present moment, participate in that program. A few other sites had their reviews total numbers much higher at around 3.5 to 4 stars. However, the Better Business Bureau site gave them only 2.84 stars out of 5. Based on our research, we gave them an accumulative score of 3.4 stars.

HSA Home Warranty Complaints

When it came down to the complaints filed against HSA, we could not gain access to many of them. At the BBB site, the link to HSA Home Warranty complaints appeared to not be working. We did find several other sites which had several complaints lodged against the company. In most of the research conducted by our team, the complaints seemed to be about lack of coverage. Several customers reported about the company refusing to follow through on items they believed to be covered. Others also complained about having unpleasant interactions with their customer service reps.

Complaints filed against HSA Home Warranty

There were also some complaints against the company's service technicians and communication between them. In all, they had about 724 complaints lodged against them thus far at the BBB site. When broken down by years, they actually only average about 22.6 complaints annually. Compared to other major companies that sell home service warranty, HSA's complaint numbers are good.

HSA Home Warranty Pricing and Dependability

Homeowner contractors looking to save money on policy coverage want to know about the cheapest home warranty companies out there. But when it comes to HSA Home Warranty pricing, they are not on that list. According to our statistics, HSA is among the highest in pricing. Unlike what other companies who charge almost double, HSA’s plans are cheaper. But it only goes up a little since their premium plan is tops. Still, based on the lower pricing we have from other companies with higher ratings, HSA is not a good buy for us.

As far as their dependability, we also had them scored a bit lower than other similar companies we covered. Due to their lack of follow up on complaints and time taken to answer claims filed, they scored low. We also took issue with problems some seemed to have with their team of service professionals. In all, we only gave HSA Home Warranty a score of 6 in dependability. That is based on a 1 to 10 scale.

Final Review of HSA Home Warranty

Is HSA Home Warranty Worth the money?

For a company that has been in business for more than 32 years, HSA Home Warranty has some problems they need to correct. The issues they have with clients are some that you would not expect from an experienced company. Their pricing, a low number of positive and high number of negative reviews did not fare well with our team.


In addition, their dependability was also a cause for concern for us. While they are a good company, we believe that there are a few other better choices available for consumers out there. In all, we do not fully recommend HSA Home Warranty until they fix some of their present issues.

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