Home insurance may protect you from fire or flood damage. But it does not often provide for common household issues like faulty appliances or poor central air conditioning.

To protect yourself from the outrageous costs that arise from repairing significant appliances or systems, it is vital to have an excellent home warranty. Home warranties offer coverage to protect your necessary devices and keep the systems in your home working correctly.

However, policies differ from provider to provider. Finding a reasonable price on comprehensive coverage can be tricky. Research alone may not be enough to ensure that you're getting the best deal possible.

Landmark is a company that provides home warranties to homeowners of six US states: Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. But are they worth competitors in the home warranty market? Or are they too good to be true?

We aim to answer these questions, and many more, in this Landmark home warranty review.

What Is A Landmark Home Warranty?

A Landmark home warranty is one of two policies provided by Landmark to consumers wishing to attain coverage for their major appliances and household systems. The two Landmark home warranty plans are affordable and comprehensive. 

Though their prices differ from state to state, their website lists the fees associated with each plan or optional coverage items. This transparency makes purchasing a home warranty from Landmark a far more attractive option, as homeowners can choose a policy that comfortably fits their budget.

Landmark provides a list of Plan Add-Ons, each with a specific set price. This clarity makes it easy for prospective customers to weigh their options and customize a plan that works best for them.

A Two-Plan System

Landmark does not offer a wide variety of plans from which to choose. Their selection is limited to two main home warranty plans, and a list of optional coverage items. 

The Home Systems Plan is the least expensive of the two plans, but the Total Protection Plan is not much more costly. The optional coverage items can be added, at a price.

Home Systems Plan

Total Protection Plan

Plan Add-Ons

Pros And Cons

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So, what are the Pros and Cons of a Landmark home warranty? We've explored the two plans that Landmark offers, and we've discovered in which states they provide.

But this Landmark home warranty review would be incomplete without a long, hard look at the positive and negative aspects of purchasing a home warranty from Landmark. 


  • Landmark home warranty plans are affordable.
  • Both plans offered by Landmark are comprehensive, especially when considering the price.
  • For those looking to customize their plans, Landmark offers Plan Add-Ons at a low cost.
  • All fees are listed on the Landmark website.
  • Each Landmark home warranty includes pest control services.


  • Landmark home warranties are only available in six US states.
  • Landmark could offer a more excellent range of plans.

The Final Verdict

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Landmark home warranties might not be plentiful, but they are affordable. They may not be available from coast to coast, but they provide exceptional customer service to the homeowners in the six states they are available.  

This Landmark home warranty review should provide you enough information to make an educated and informed decision when deciding which home warranty provider with which to work.

Landmark home warranties could incorporate more forms of coverage in the future to make their services and policies more desirable. But, the coverage and services they currently provide are of excellent quality and worthy of your attention.

Many home warranties only cover a few major appliances and a handful of household systems. They do not include services like pest control, or air conditioning and heating tune-ups. These services, available free of charge with any Landmark home warranty plan, are valuable. Bundling your home maintenance needs can save time, money, and energy.

However, there are two reasons why any homeowner would not want to invest in a Landmark home warranty plan. Firstly, the number of programs and coverage options are easily dwarfed by larger competitors. Homeowners looking for a specific combination of coverage and benefits may feel unsatisfied with Landmark.

Secondly, Landmark is not a nationwide provider of home warranties. They cater specifically to the residents of Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. For those homeowners in the other 44 states, Landmark is not a possibility.

However, Landmark has an enormous amount of potential. They have built a large customer base by providing essential, quality coverage, and fantastic customer service.

Should they continue their current course, a Landmark home warranty plan may soon be available in your area, at a little cost.