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Having a good home is one of life’s necessities when getting into the real world and starting to build a family. Real estate could offer you a good home but it has benefits limitations. That is why smart Americans are flocking to protect themselves and their valuables by using the preemptive tactic of purchasing home warranty policies. These home protection services allow for homeowners to be ready ahead of time in case something happens to their home systems or appliances. One of the best home warranty companies around is Old Republic Home Warranty.

But what about the many concerns that people often have about the Old Republic or all other major home repair insurance companies? This following Old Republic Home Warranty review takes an intensive and comprehensive look at those issues. Topics such as Old Republic Home Warranty Plans, Old Republic Home Warranty complaints, their BBB rating, reviews, pricing, and dependability are all covered.

The Pros And Cons Of Home Warranty

One of the first things a homeowner thinking of purchasing insurance on appliances or home warranty needs to do is find out if it’s worth it or not. Since the average prices for a home warranty a year are affordable, they need to make sure it will be money well spent. That’s why knowing the pros and cons of a home warranty policy is very important.

Home warranties serve as auto protection on your appliances and major systems in your home. Items such as your refrigerator, stove, washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances are usually covered. This means that if any of them should break down due to normal wear and tear or something else, the service contract’s policy will protect you. Instead of having to spend money on service technicians, service fee on repairs or replacing the appliances, you simply file a claim. Once the appliance home insurance or system warranty policy’s claim is accepted, you only need to pay a deductible. When you place a service request, an independent contractor will contact you directly to schedule an appointment that is convenient for your time.

What does Old Republic Home Warranty Cover?

Are home warranties worth the money? The pros to Old Republic Home Warranty Coverage are that you can have peace of mind in case something goes wrong in your home. If a major system such as your plumbing or electrical has problems, your policy will cover it. You will also save money on repairing or replacing your system or appliances. Another plus is that it will usually pay for itself once you file a claim. Some repairs or appliance replacements can cost much more than the yearly price of a home warranty.

Having homeowner's warranty can also protect you from going into debt or falling into a big financial hole. Many major repairs or issues such as air conditioning, septic tanks or plumbing systems problems can cost a substantial amount of money. In case of a serious problem, you may have to spend a great deal more than what you can afford or have saved up. There is also the fact that you may be able to use a promo code or discount code when purchasing a home warranty. That can lead to huge savings in the overall cost of the policy.

old republic home warranty reviews

Still, there are some cons to purchasing home warranty protection. One of the most common cons people complain about when it comes to house protection insurance is the service providers. Home warranty companies do not let you choose your own service provider. Since they have a network of their own professional technicians, you will have to use one of theirs. There is also the issue of some items not being covered. If you have appliances or systems that are poorly maintained or broken, they will not be covered. Items with pre-existing conditions will also not be covered. In all, you need to check your brochure on your home warranty plans to find out exactly what is covered and what is not. You can call  the Old Republic Home Warranty phone number or login to your account for an answer to these questions.

Every home surely differs that is why Optional Coverage is available to meet the needs of your specific home. For those homes that weren’t able to go through a Real Estate transaction, Optional Coverage cannot be added after the initial payment of the plan's fee. Optional Coverage not selected will be unavailable at the time of renewal.

All About Old Republic Home Warranty

Old Republic was founded in 1974 and has been in the home warranty business for 42 years. They performed a management restructuring back in 1992 as a way to better serve their clients. ORHP (as they are also known) offers protection to homeowners and realtors alike. For homeowners who want and need comprehensive protection for their home's appliances and major systems, Old Republic Home Warranty has plans and offers for them. Having an Old Republic Home Warranty policy in place is a great precautionary shield against the high cost of replacing or repairing items in your home.

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Old Republic Home Protection has a large network of professional service technicians at the ready whenever you file and are granted a claim. They are an accredited business at the Better Business Bureau and have a perfect A+ BBB rating. That is among the 2 top highest in the ten of the best home warranty company reviews we performed. Their pricing is also very good with plans. ORHP's main headquarters are located in San Ramon, CA. They also have offices in AZ, Texas, Utah and Arizona.

Old Republic Home Warranty BBB Rating

It is not easy for any company to receive an A plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is even more so for a company that has been around for as long as Old Republic has. But the A+ is exactly what Old Republic's Home Warranty BBB rating is at this time. To truly appreciate how impressive their A+ BBB rating is, the BBB ratings of other top warranty companies must be taken into account. Out of more than 20 similar companies our team has reviewed and investigated, there are only 2 with an A plus BBB rating. Old Republic is one of them and Fidelity National Home Warranty is the only other.

BBB Rating For Old Republic Home Warranty

That is not to say that there were not any complaints filed against the company though. We did find a number of complaints filed against Old Republic Home Protection. The investigation into those complaints will be answered further on in the course of this Old Republic Home Warranty review.

Old Republic Home Warranty Reviews

Our team of investigators and researchers spent a considerable amount of time going over Old Republic's Home Warranty reviews. Most of the reviews we found on ORHP were positive. Many of the testimonials from current and previous clients seemed to highly recommend Old Republic time and again. That is not to say that there were not any negative or bad reviews on Old Republic though. We found one site – ConsumerAffaris.com – which had a very low score for Old Republic when it came to reviews. But at the same time, it appears as if ORHP does not participate in the ConsumerAffairs accreditation program. We learned that most companies that were not part of this program, all had really low scores. As we mentioned in previous posts and reviews, we tend to be hesitant of sites which charge companies for a higher position in their reviews or top ten listings.

When we researched Old Republic Home Warranty BBB reviews, the outcome was completely different. In fact, ORHP had among the highest score of any other major home warranty company out there when it came to positive reviews on the BBB site. We also found a very good overall score for ORHP on other different sites as well. In all, our total score for Old Republic Home Protection was an impressive 4.2 stars out of 5.

Old Republic Home Protection Company Complaints

Just like any company out there, Old Republic Home Warranty had some complaints filed against them. During our research, our investigators spent an extensive amount of time on these complaints. That's because we wanted to make sure most of them were analyzed and computed accurately. A common trend on the complaints we found against Old Republic were mostly aimed towards the contractors. These are the service technicians ORHP sends over to cover a claim. In some cases, clients complained about the technicians wanting to charge them extra for things that were not covered in the policy. This tends to happen if the warranty only covers certain things in a complex system such as plumbing or electrical.

Unlike many other home warranty companies out there, we did find something very interesting with ORHP. Only a few complaints filed against Old Republic were for actually not covering the claims filed by clients. Refusing or denying claims is a common practice amongst even the top rated home warranty companies. Overall though, Old Republic Home Warranty only averaged about 23.9 complaints a year. This was among the lowest we found thus far in all the major home maintenance insurance companies.

Old Republic Home Warranty Pricing And Dependability

When it came down to pricing for Old Republic Home Protection warranties, the numbers were very good.That is about the average of what most major home warranty companies charge. The difference is that with the discount code and promo code offered by ORHP, the plans can end up costing even less. Plus, for a company with such high ratings, their prices are quite reasonable.

old republic home warranty coverage

The dependability factor for Old Republic Home Warranty was also very impressive. We had a hard time finding complaints filed for lack of or refusal of coverage by them. In addition, they seemed to answer most claims filed right away. Their customer service was also excellent. ORPH is available 24 hours and 365 days a year for their clients. Out of a 1 to 10 score, Old Republic Home Protection scored an outstanding 8. That score is both impressive and comforting for those looking to select Old Republic.

Final Review of Old Republic Home Warranty 

We took several factors into consideration when grading Old Republic Home Warranty. Based on the many positive testimonials we found from previous clients, their pricing and reviews, ORHP is scored quite high on our review. We also evaluated the low number of complaints filed against them. In addition, their number of years in business and their dependability were also extraordinary. Lastly, their BBB rating of A+ is another reason why we highly recommend Old Republic Home Protection warranty for homeowners out there.

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