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Accidents happen. Even the most involved and caring homeowner can be a victim to faulty wiring, broken appliances, stained carpets, or nasty pest infestations. Though these incidents range from a mildly irritating blemish on the floor to a possibly life-threatening situation, they are all stress-inducing.

Life is stressful enough without having to worry about the cost of replacing your refrigerator, clean your carpets, or keep your home pest-free. Having a safe, clean, and practical place to live is something nearly every person wants. But it is also one of our primary needs as human beings. Having safe and clean shelter has become closely tied to our psychological health as well.

Keeping your home functioning does not have to be a display of juggling finances and responsibilities. A home warranty can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety caused by various household accidents or breakages. 

What Is A OneGuard Home Warranty?

Since 1990, OneGuard has been giving homeowners in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada a reason to rejoice. They offer coverage of major household appliances, household systems, and general services such as pest control. Their warranties and plans are geared toward real estate professionals, home buyers and home sellers, as well as existing homeowners. 

In this OneGuard Home Warranty review, we’ll look at the various warranties that OneGuard offers, and how they differ. It should be noted that the prices for these plans vary from state to state.

The Three Tiers Of Services

OneGuard offers three tiers of services to their clients, no matter under which category that client falls. For example, real estate professionals, home buyers, and home sellers are welcome to choose from three levels of services: Sentinel, Centurion, and Guardian. 

If you are an existing homeowner, you are also encouraged to choose from three levels of services: ApplianceGuard, SystemGuard, and HomeGuard. 

What do these three tiers mean, and how do they differ? 

Real Estate Professionals, Home Buyers, And Home Sellers

If you are not an existing homeowner, but rather a real estate professional, or someone looking to purchase a home or sell a home, OneGuard offers three tiers of services from which to choose.

The prices fluctuate depending on where you live, but the stratification of the prices remains the same. In this way, the Sentinel plan will always be the least expensive option, while the Guardian plan will always be the most costly option.

These prices reflect the amount and quality of the services offered within each plan.




Existing Homeowners

In this OneGuard home warranty review, we aim to address all possible interested parties.

For those who already own a home, and are looking to begin coverage, OneGuard offers three tiers of services and coverage from which to choose. The ApplianceGuard plan is the least expensive but offers the least amount of coverage and services. The HomeGuard plan is the most costly, but it provides the most significant amount of coverage and services.




Is OneGuard Worthy of Guarding Your Home?

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In this OneGuard Home Warranty review, we've thoroughly examined the warranties and plans offered by OneGuard, to all types of people. But are these plans worth buying?

The simple answer is yes. Yes, OneGuard offers fantastic coverage for homeowners. For a relatively small monthly fee, existing homeowners in Arizona, Nevada, and Texas can rest easy knowing that they can afford to keep their home safe, clean, and functioning correctly.

The peace of mind attained from a OneGuard Home Warranty is far more valuable than the price they charge for even the maximum amount of coverage. With tons of optional coverage from which to choose, and with superb customer service care, OneGuard is easily an excellent choice.