Have you ever had a day where everything in your home seemed to break or malfunction all at once? Perhaps your washer started leaking water, then your refrigerator unceremoniously died, and your air conditioning started going on the fritz?

While it is unlikely that your major home appliances and systems would all become inoperable at the same time, accidents and emergencies do happen. Rather than let these possibilities become your ultimate nightmare, you could invest in a comprehensive home warranty.

Home warranties help homeowners afford the repairs they need to fix major appliances and home systems. As such, they can provide a fantastic amount of stress-relief and peace. Knowing that you won't have to sell your firstborn child to replace a faulty refrigerator can help you sleep more restful at night. Don't fear the inevitable, plan for it with a home warranty.

Sears, known for generations as a reliable purveyor of various home goods and services, offers home warranties in all fifty states, and Puerto Rico. They are most prevalent in metropolitan areas, but there is a good chance that you're never more than an hour's drive away from a Sears location. This proximity makes them one of the most accessible and widespread providers of home warranties.

In this Sears home warranty review, we’ll discover what types of plans Sears offers, how affordable they are, and what makes them a remarkable choice.

What is a Sears Home Warranty?

A Sears home warranty is any one of the three warranty plans offered by Sears. The coverage and services provided vary from plan to plan, but each Sears home warranty includes customer support at any time of day, any day of the week. Each home warranty plan also includes product replacements, guaranteed professional labor, and a 180-day workmanship guarantee.

Three Solid Plans

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When choosing a Sears home warranty, you must choose between three options. 

The least expensive plan is the Appliance Plan. It offers the least amount of coverage out of the three Sears home warranties. The most expensive option is the Whole House Plan, which provides the most comprehensive coverage.

Deciding which plan is right for you depends on your coverage needs. Most homeowners will opt for the most coverage possible, so it is essential to be aware of the price differences among plans.

Appliance Plan

Systems Plan

Whole House Plan

Exclusive Benefits and Add-on Coverage

Every customer who purchases a Sears home warranty also gets the pleasure of additional, exclusive benefits. Every customer has access to one free preventative maintenance check of their heating and cooling systems, which could potentially save thousands of dollars in repair costs. 

Customers who choose Sears for their home warranty needs also have discounted oil changes and tire rotations from Sears, up to four times a year. Those looking to combine services at a low cost should take note of these benefits.

In addition to the benefits included with every Sears home warranty, customers can also choose to add additional coverage, at a cost. With the Add-on Coverage, you can be sure that your pool or spa, septic tank, or stand-alone freezer are covered.

Pros and Cons

There are quite a few things about the Sears home warranties that make them an excellent option for homeowners. But there are also a few things that the Sears home warranties lack. 

Before we can decide the worthiness of these warranties, we must compare their positive and negative aspects. Let's explore the pros and cons of this Sears home warranty review.


  • Low prices make any Sears home warranty affordable.
  • The exclusive benefits do not come at an extra cost and are quite practical.
  • The Whole House Plan is far more affordable than a typical comprehensive home warranty.
  • Sears is a trusted brand with excellent customer service.
  • You are sure to find a location near you, as Sears has locations across the United States and in Puerto Rico.


  • Only appliances and home systems are covered. No cleaning services are offered.
  • There are not many plan options from which to choose.

Is It Worth It?

This Sears home warranty review has touched on all the bases – what plans are available, what do they cover, are they affordable, and more. We compared the positive and the negative aspects of a Sears home warranty and came to a definitive conclusion. Is a Sears home warranty worth it?

Yes. Every plan Sears offers is affordable and provides excellent coverage. Though there are more comprehensive plans available, they come at a higher cost, and they don't have the brand name, experience, or benefits that make the Sears home warranties so attractive.

For those seeking a simple, reliable, affordable home warranty with a few extra benefits, you may have found your match in a Sears home warranty.

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