Select Home Warranty Review & Compliants

Select Home Warranty offers a service contract to homeowners and real estate contractors appliance and system protection on their homes. For those thinking of using Select Home Warranty or other similar companies, it is important to know the answer to several issues before making a decision.

This extensive and explosive Select Home Warranty reviews examine many of the questions you may have. Issues such as the number of complaints filed against them, their BBB rating, Select Home Warranty plans and pricing are answered. In addition, their dependability, customer service, and reviews are also looked into. As with any home warranty providers you may be thinking of choosing, it is always good to find out all you can about them. Reading complete protection home warranty reviews will make sure you don’t end up selecting a company that will let you down when you need them most.

All About Select Home Warranty

With their headquarters located in Mahwah, NJ, Select Home Warranty has a team of home warranty policy experts ready to assist you. Select Home has only been in business for 5 years which is unlike several other major or top home warranty companies. They offer clients a comprehensive protection plan against repair expenses. By having a major system or appliance policy in place, you can be covered when any of them break down. They have a large network of pre-approved, licensed and certified contractors at the ready. When you file a claim and it is approved, one of their technicians will visit you and try to resolve your problem. All you have to pay is a deductible fee for the claim covered.

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Select Home Warranty also has home warranty coverage for mobile homes and rental properties. This is in addition to the multiple or single family condos or units and manufactured homes they cover as well. Their home appliance protection plans help shield homeowners from costly repairs and allow them to avoid going into debt. Select Home has several different plans and packages available. They also have promo codes you can use to save money on those plans. Select Home Warranty will send for a qualified service contractor and/or technician to give repairs when they become inoperable due to small wears.

Are Home Warranties Companies Worth It?

When it comes to people who are considering whether or not to purchase home maintenance insurance, there is one common question they have. They all want to know are home warranties companies worth it? The best way to find the answer to this question is by looking at the pros and cons to home warranty coverage. The second thing to consider is the overall cost and what you can save in the long run.

When it comes to pros and cons, there are a lot more pros to having a home warranty in place than not. For one, any major repairs on home systems can really be expensive. Some may end up costing the homeowner much more than they even have available or saved up. That, in turn, can lead to debt, headaches and losing your home.

Are home warranty a waste of money?

Most home warranty policies prices range differently, depending on the plan, coverage, and area you live in. Repairing or replacing a major appliance can cost twice as much as that. Using the right home shield service will save you money in the long run. The only thing you have to pay is the company’s deductible fee. At the same time, some home warranties don’t cover all of your items. Major systems may require that you pay extra for coverage. There is also the problem of old appliances not being covered. In the end, though, the statistics seem to favor home warranty policy purchase being worth the money.

Select Home Warranty BBB Rating

One of the first thing you want to do when contemplating on whether or not to use a company, is to find out what their BBB rating is. The Better Business Bureau rating of any company or business will let you know quite a lot about them. You can find information regarding the number of complaints filed against them as well as positive and negative reviews about them. When it comes to the Select Home Warranty BBB rating, their score is a B. The B rating is considered respectable and average among home warranty companies .

The truth about Select Home Warranty BBB rating

Still, for a company that has only been around for 5 years, their BBB rating could be higher. One of the reasons for their B score is the number of complaints filed against them. Based on our research, there seems to be a  high number of complaints and negative reviews lodged opposing Select Home. However, the number of complaints seem to surpass the number of reviews in total numbers by an almost 5 to 1 ratio. We will cover more about the complaints in the section below.

Select Home Warranty Reviews

In addition to a company's BBB rating, you also need to consider the reviews and testimonials from previous clients. This is even more important if the reviews about the company are mostly negative. When it came down to the Select Home Warranty reviews, our research revealed mixed messages. Some sites such as had them rated very high at almost 4.7 stars. Other sites also gave them an average of 4.2 or so. Still, some of these sites do charge home warranty companies a fee for participating in their accreditation programs. Because of that, their actual motive and total score has to be questioned.

Select Home Warranty had an average score when it came down to reviews filed against them in the BBB website though. At the Better Business Bureau site, Select Home Warranty only scored 3.03 stars out of a possible 5. Just like the complaints filed against them, most negative reviews centered around the lack of dependability and coverage. It appears as if the warranty company avoided some of the claims filed or simply did not respond to them in time. In either case, we give them an overall score of 4.1 stars. To review Select Home Warranty, you can check the BBB website.

Select Home Warranty Complaints

Select Home Warranty seems to be trying to change the high number of grievances filed against them though. They presently have a phone number and email available at the BBB site. That is in place for those wishing to try and resolve any disputes or concerns before they file a complaint. During our investigation, we found a few similarities about most complaints against Select Home Warranty. Most of the complaints seemed to center on their dependability.

In many cases, clients criticized the length of time it took them to respond. Some also grumbled about claims filed not being answered at all. According to the Better Business Bureau site, there are a total of 1,260 complaints that have been filed against them thus far. That calculates to about 252 complaints a year. Compared to our other top rated home warranty companies we have reviewed here, that is quite high.

Select Home Warranty Pricing and Dependability

Another very important issue to consider when trying to decide on which home maintenance plan company to choose is their pricing and dependability. Of course the latter is the more important of the two. That's because you can end up paying a lot for home warranty appliance coverage and you still won't be able to depend on them. When it came down to the Select Home Warranty pricing, their cost was about average. Still, in some cases, it is slightly a bit higher than some of our other top rated home protection service companies we've reviewed.

Select Home Warranty Promo Code & Pricing

Select Home Warranty has 3 coverage plans. They are Platinum care, Gold Care and the Bronze Care. The Platinum is, of course, the one with the most coverage out of all of them. That package covers everything from heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. It also covers garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove and several other major appliances. In all, you need to check with them as far as what will be covered since some of the items may change depending on your area. The homeowner contractor can ask more about Select Home Warranty’s services including their technicians, plan coverage, pro-rated refund, service call fee and more.

As we stated early in our extensive review and investigation of Select Home Warranty, their dependability is not that great. This is based on the total number of grievances already filed against them and overall number of both positive and negative reviews. Most of their client's testimonials seemed to point to Select Home Warranty not coming through when needed. The time it took to answer major claims was also a factor. This is very important when it comes to  major systems that people cannot go on doing with  for a too many days. In all, we gave them a 7 out of 10 dependability score. Their reliability numbers were lower but have improved the past year though.

Final Review of Select Home Warranty

While Select Home Warranty has a 60-day free trial and several different packages to choose from, our review was mixed. They only have been around for 5 years which is a lot less than at least 4 similar companies we researched. They also have a higher than the normal number of complaints filed against them at the Better Business Bureau site. Select Home Warranty may still be learning some of the things it takes to keep clients completely happy. And while they are a very good home buyer protection company to consider, you still have other options.

One positive note that we found was that the number of positive reviews was rising. At the same time, the number of complaints filed against them seemed to be dropping as well. Overall, they are one in the top 5 home appliance repair insurance companies out there.

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