You need a professional to help you fix your stove.

But with all of the options available, how can you choose? You don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and have to pay a second time for someone to fix the problems they worsened.

Here are some qualities you’ll want in your professional stove repair services.

Adequately Certified By The State And Industry

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When your appliance repair professional is properly certified by the state, that means that they have passed industry standard tests.

Professionals who have taken the time to get certified also show that they care about doing the job properly. They aren’t in it just to get money. They want to make sure they do their job correctly and can help you solve your stove problems.

State certification is also a great way to regulate technician skills. Your state will not certify anyone who doesn’t know proper safety procedures. These certifications will keep you safe, and prevent you from working with anyone who could seriously damage your property or your health.

Training From Accredited Institutions

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Getting accredited training isn’t as straightforward as receiving a four-year degree. While this training doesn’t usually take as much time, appliance repair programs aren’t as widely available as most colleges. However, there are some options available.

For appliance repair, you’ll want to work with someone who went into a physical school. Online education is a great tool but doesn’t provide the hands-on experience necessary to learn appliance repair.

If your technician went through a training program at a specific school, consider researching that school. How do people rate the education they received there? Does it have a good reputation?

Along with getting the proper training, many appliance repair technicians work with a more trained professional to learn the ropes. This helps them get on the job experience and see exactly what can happen out on the field.

Organizations Should Be Licensed

In order to legally run a business, every company needs to acquire the proper business licenses that allow them to operate in their state. Licenses are mandatory and hold businesses accountable for all of their actions.

If the organization you choose to work with isn’t licensed, that should set off some major red flags. Licensure is required to open up a business location and interact with clients. A lack of a business license usually means that the company is operating under the table to avoid taxes and other regulations.

Companies who avoid licensure often cut corners in other areas of operation to save money. These actions often end up exposing the public to unsafe procedures and can endanger hundreds of people.

A business license isn’t the only regulation required by the state. Each state also has different licensure requirements, so you should know what the laws are for where you live. You have every right to ask each technician to see a copy of their business and operational licenses.

You can easily check and see if the company is licensed with the Better Business Bureau at this website.

Skills Should Meet Or Exceed National Standards


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) works to strengthen the US marketplace by creating and promoting national standards to assure the safety and health of customers and protect the environment in the process.

You will want to do what you can to make sure the appliance repair company you work with has policies in place to meet these standards. Companies are not required to meet these standards, and compliance is on a volunteer basis. However, technicians who take the time to meet these guidelines show they are committed to performing a great job.

Appliance repair businesses who don’t meet these standards may not meet industry regulations and standards. And for such a specialized industry, these standards are put in place for a reason.

Businesses must in place a quality management system that guides policies and procedures. Work environment and resources must be managed in a way that is fair to employees and consumers. Companies must also put in place a regular auditing system to ensure provided services meet regulations.

Organizations should have an option for continued skills development.

Documented Policies And Procedures For Work

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One easy way to check and see if your stove repair company meets the standards listed above is to see if they have documented their workplace policies.

There are dozens of business policies at play in even the smallest companies. Even having just a paragraph or two explaining how the company handles certain issues is a sign that the stove repair company you’ve chosen to work with is a reputable one.

There are certain policies you’ll want to see copies of for your protection. Invoicing and financing policies impact you directly. You’ll want to know exactly when you’re expected to pay, how the amount is decided on, and how you’ll be billed.

The way your repair person stores your personal information can have a serious impact on you. If they don’t work to keep your information confidential, that risks potentially dangerous individuals getting a hold of your identity and doing some serious damage. Make sure you know what efforts they take to protect your information.

Specialized Equipment Is Readily Accessible

Stove repair services require some specialized tools to work on your appliances. If the company you are considering working with doesn’t have those tools available to them, they probably don’t know what they are doing.

Most of the time, appliance repair technicians will bring the tools they need with them to your home. Occasionally, they might encounter a job that requires specialized tools or parts. However, many fixes only require the same basic tools they take with them to every job.

A skilled technician will know exactly what tools they need to use as soon as they diagnose your problem. They’ll also know if they currently have the tool needed, or if they need to go back to their workshop to pick it up.

You can ask companies you are considering working with what equipment they bring with them on site and how they track their tools. This is a great way to see how well prepared they are ahead of time, and how much you can trust them to fix your stove.

Hundreds Of Hours Of Field Experience

Field experience is the most helpful teacher when it comes to appliance repair. A technician can study for hours on end, but if they haven’t seen it in action, then they may not know what to do.

Previous experience can also help them see what fixes work on paper but quickly fall apart when applied in practice. Past jobs can also provide them with tips and tricks that work well, but weren’t taught in their certification program.

Experience on the job is also the only way to learn what to do when things don’t go as expected. Because appliances are so complicated, things can go wrong that no one expects. The only way to prepare for rare problems is to continue getting exposed to appliances in all sorts of situations. And the only way to do that is to have experience working on previous appliances. Many technicians will apprenticeship more experienced workers to learn their tips and tricks and adapt to working with fickle stoves.

Easily Accessible Client Testimonials

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With any business, you will want to see what previous clients have said about their work. If you can’t find testimonials from the company themselves, you can easily go online and look up reviews.

Even if the company has client testimonials, you’ll want to access reviews that are offered by a third party. Each business wants to put their best foot forward, so they may not feature negative reviews on their site. However, these reviews can give you an insight into how they do business, as well as some potential problems to look out for.

Reviews and testimonials are a great way for you to get an idea of what the company is like before you call and inquire about their services. You can see what other customers thought of them and can get a sneak preview of what to expect if you should start working with them.

Sites like Yelp, AngiesList, and Yellow Pages are great ways to see what other people have to say about the technician you’re considering. If any of the information there makes you uncomfortable, start looking for a new company immediately.

Above all, you want a technician who will do the job and keep you safe in the process. Finding someone who matches these criteria will ensure that you are protected and that the stove repair services you choose will help you solve the problem at hand.