TotalProtect Home Warranty ReviewTotal Protect has been said to be one of the top 10 best home warranty companies in 2017. But can this company really be trusted to carry out your claims when the time comes? What about the issues such as complaints filed against them? Are there any Total Protect pros and cons to be aware of? These are just some of the inquiries people looking to purchase a home warranty policy often ask and need answers to. Our team of experts receive numerous questions about this issue and other companies from our readers. This TotalProtect Home Warranty review has been put together by some research members of our staff to help those customers find answers and guidance to this matter.


More Americans Are Buying Home Warranty Coverage


The past few years, more and more Americans have been turning to home warranty companies for extra protection of their household appliances and systems. The reason for the upsurge in home warranty coverage purchases has been due to several factors. For one, a vast majority of Americans are realizing that it is very convenient and smart to have home warranty protection in place. Most feel that having a home owners warranty works because it is a proactive approach.


By having a contingency protection plan in place before things break down or malfunction, homeowners can save money. The logic is that it is by far more expensive to have to call a repair man each time something in the house breaks down. In addition, if the item cannot be fixed, then it will need to be replaced completely. When that happens, it can be very costly even when it is only dealing with appliances. Yet when it comes to home systems such as plumbing, electrical and others, the cost rises even more. That's why many people are taking the preemptive tactic of buying home warranty coverage before this happens. In the long run, it makes much more sense, provides protection and saves you more money.


About TotalProtect Home Warranty


Total Protect has been providing home shield warranty to residents in the US for more than 38 years. That makes them one of the oldest and most established within that sector. Offering coverage for cooling systems, plumbing, appliances, electrical and more, the company helps homeowners better protect their investments. Another thing that makes TotalProtect stand out from similar appliance warranty companies is their 6 month guarantee. The 180-day guarantee is what they give clients on repairs their contractors perform. This means any repairs done is covered if it breaks down again within 180 days and you won't have to pay another deductible.

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Their homeowner's warranty packages will vary depending on your state and the plan you choose. TotalProtect has been accredited by the BBB since 2007 and they presently have a B rating from them as well. The company's primary headquarters are located in Sunrise, Florida. In total, they have a network of more than 40,000 professional service technician. Total Protect also has a team of employees which numbers well over 500. For homeowners who want to avoid surprises on the cost of repairs and/or replacing home systems or appliances, TotalProtect has a variety of packages to choose from.

What Do Home Warranties Cover?


One of the most important and frequently asked questions people searching to purchase home maintenance insurance have is what do home warranties cover. That's because it is very important that you know exactly what will be covered before you sign a contract or enter into an agreement with them. TotalProtect has a page on their site dedicated to this question and as well as several others inquires. They even have a Total Protect home warranty sample contract available on their site for potential clients to go over it. There, you can also find out about the differences between home insurance and home warranties.

TotalProtect BBB Rating


A very important factor to consider when looking to purchase coverage from a company is their BBB – Better Business Bureau – ratings. This rating lets you know what other previous clients have received from the company and many other criteria. You can find out about any complaints filed against TotalProtect, reviews and even lawsuits pending. Total Protect's BBB rating is currently a B. While that may seem as an average rating, it is still very high for a company in business for so long.

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Upon further research from our reviews and complaints investigators, we came across an interesting fact about the BBB rating for Total Protect. The majority of them were positive, a few negative and some were neutral. The neutral complaints or reviews may have been the cause for bringing down their total ratings to a B. Still, most complaints or neutral reviews appeared to be against the contractors used by TotalProtect and not a direct reflection of the warranty coverage service provided by the company.

TotalProtect Home Warranty Reviews


The next part of our extensive and in-depth review of TotalProtect dealt with both positive and negative reviews about them. One of the first things we noticed was the great amount of positive reviews the company has received thus far. In fact, we searched numerous sites and found most of the Total Protect Home Warranty reviews were 4 stars and higher. Sites such as rates them a 4 out of 5 possible stars.

The only website we found which had a lower score for the company based on reviews was Yelp. However, according to recent lawsuits and reporting, Yelp's ratings are now questionable and unreliable. The reason behind these findings is largely based on how easy it is for anyone to write a fake or bogus review about a company. Most users can easily manipulate the rating system by writing multiple reviews. Worse of all, they don't even have to have proof of ever being a real customer.


For the most part, about 85% of the reviews and testimonials we came across regarding TotalProtect were positive. Most clients even highly recommended the homeowners appliance insurance company to other potential clients as well.


Complaints Filed Against TotalProtect


Our investigation into complaints filed against TotalProtect took us quite longer than expected. That was not due because there was a large amount of complaints filed against the home warranty provider. The reason behind this was because we had to go back several years to make sure we covered them thoroughly. While there were was a small number of complaints filed against them, the reasons behind them were interesting.


One of the most common TotalProtect Home Warranty complaints were aimed at contractors, not the company itself. Those that had complaints or bad reviews on the Total Protect appeared to be angry at the contractor's timing. Some clients who placed a claim had to wait a few days before an independent contractor was sent out to assess the situation. Other complaints focused on the actual performance of the contractors as well. Some felt that they could have handled the situation better or more professionally. Still, our overall assessment of the number of complaints against TotalProtect seem to prove that the company needs to do a better job with a few of the contractors they have in their network.


Pricing and Dependability For TotalProtect


An important issue and factor to consider when trying to choose from any of the top 5 home warranty companies out there is their pricing and dependability. That's because these two factors will determine not only how much you will pay for the home warranty, but if it will be worth the money. When it comes to the pricing, TotalProtect premiums actually start at a lower rate than many other similar home buyers protection companies.

Their premium plans begin at $230 and go up as high as $650. Of course the pricing will fluctuate according to what state you are in and the total package you choose. Plus, if you choose any additional services or options, the total price will be higher. TotalProtect also has a minimum $75 to $125 deductible. Overall, their pricing score is about 4 out of 5 stars.

The truth about home appliance warranty companies

When it comes to dependability, TotalProtect performed very well in our overall scoring system. They have a 24/7 customer service hot-line so you can reach them at any time. This is very comforting to know since a lot of people are always searching for the TotalProtect home warranty phone number. In addition, their 6-months guarantee on claims done also drove up their score.

An issue we did find was that TotalProtect was not available in all 50 states. Also, since they use several aliases in other states , you may have to use a different name for them depending on your state. Lastly, the minor issues with some contractors was also a factor. Nonetheless, out of a possible ratings of 10, TotalProtect received a 7 for dependability which is quite impressive.




TotalProtect is widely considered one of the best rated home warranty companies in business today. While their BBB rating is only a B, it is still very high for a company in business for more than 3 decades. We also found that most reviews and testimonials approved of the company and recommended their services. In summation, using TotalProtect may cost you a few hundred dollars a year. But, at the same time, it can end up saving you a lot more in the long run. It is our finding that Total Protect is a very good home warranty company to consider and use.

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